Boris Rubenstein's uncle Moisei Basok

The youngest of mother's brothers Uncle Moisei-Zelik (Misha), who was a very good cardiologist. As a boy he finisheded Cheder, yeshiva, agrammar school, and entered an institute. Having graduated from the medical institute in Odessa, he worked there as a clinical assistant. When the well-known Soviet polar explorer Papanin was recovering his health in Odessa, Uncle Misha was assigned his personal doctor. They became good friends. Papanin invited him to Moscow, provided accomodation. There Uncle Misha also worked as an assistant in a clinic. During the war he was a military doctor in the headquarters of the Northern fleet. During the anti-Semitic campaign in the beginning of 1950?s, he had been fired and for some time was out of business. Later he worked as head of cardiology department in a big Moscow clinic. He was a broadly educated man. He knew Jewish literature well, he had many friends among actors of the Jewish theatre and among Jewish writers.