Boris and Tamara Rubenstein

I met my future wife Tamara Rastegina during my first years in the institute. She came from Ulyanovsk and she is Russian. She travelled much across the country with her parents, as her father was sent to work in different cities. Her father was at the front during the war, and Tamara with her mother were in evacuation. Our love affair with Tamara inflamed in the sixth year in the institute and it really was an intense spiritual sensation. But, having reached no agrement by the time of final examinations, we, upon graduation from the institute, went to work in the opposite ends of the country. I received a direction to Tadjikistan, the city of Leninabad, and Tamara - to Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia. We corresponded for a year, clearified our relations, and eventually, in 1954, we got married. From that time we live in Estonia, in the city of Kohtla-Jarve and for almost 50 years we have been working as medical doctors: I am an endocrinologist and my wife is a tuberculosis specialist.