Jankel Basok and family

This is photo of grandfather with children and children's children. My maternal grandfather's name was Yankel Basok. He was born in Belorussia, 1866. My grandmother, Sheina Basok, was born in Belorussia,1864. If you believe the legend that I heard some time ago from my distant relative Haim Basok (he had found it digging in the archives of the Prague University), the ancestors of my grandfather Yankel lived in Spain. Then they moved to Morocco, and then to Lithuania. The origin of surname Basok is interesting. If you decode the consonants in a certain way - Bait Sofer Kadosh - the surname will mean 'the House of the Holy Writer' or 'Family of the Holy Writer'. Thus, one can suggest that someone of my ancestors during the time when this this surname originated was either a Talmudist, or scientist or writer. When I was a boy, Mum's parents, my grandmother and grandfather all lived in Ukraine, in Nikolaev. I think that they arrived there from Lithuania or Belorussia after the revolution. I remember them very well, especially Grandfather. They were deeply religious people. They were very kind to their friends and adored their children and grandchildren. They had a big family - eleven kids, of which two died in childhood.