Israel and Misha Rubenstein and their families

This is photo of father's brothers with their families. Israel was born in Belorussia (1888). Before WWII he lived with his family in a small town of Belynichi (Belarus) where Israel worked as provider of flax. Uncle Israel was was older then Father. Having finished only Cheder, he then studied mathematics and physics all by himself. He used to send me the original methods of solving complicated mathematical problems. He had made several inventions on technical improvement of certain industrial processes. One of our relatives showed Uncle's works to a prominent Soviet physicist academician Kikoin. Having studied them, the academician said: 'It is a great pity, that such a bright, such significant talent was lost.' In 1939 Israel and his wife Riva adopted the boy Misha. During the Holocaust all the family was in evacuation in the Urals. After his wife died Israel lived in Sverdlovsk (USSR). He died in Sverdlovsk (1971). His son Misha with his family lives in the USA. Second brother Boris (Berl) was born in Belorussia (1902). Graduated from the medical institute in Minsk (Belorussia). From 1939 to 1946 served in the Soviet Army as a medical officer. After WWII he worked as the chief epidemiologist of Belorussia. He died in Minsk (1983).