Boris and Tamara Rubenstein with family

This is photo of my family. My wife and me have two sons: Lev (1955) and Igor (1962). We are all very good friends. Tamara has always been and remains my best and most loyal friend, a symbol of kindness and fidelity. It is mainly thanks to her that our sons have received good education. She imparted to them a loveof literature, arts, history, music. We frequently went all together to Leningrad, visited museums and theatres. We have a good home library. We were immensly happy when our children were small. I was unable to pass to children any special Jewish traditions because I myself was hardly familiar with them. But 10 years ago, when a Jewish community was formed in our city, my both sons took an active part in its life. My younger son tragically died about 5 years ago, and the older is, unfortunately, unemployed right now, but participates in the Jewish community activities. My younger son was a doctor, he obtained his diploma by graduating from the medical faculty of Tartu university. My elder son has finished Polytechnical Institute in Tallin by correspondence and had worked as a programmer for 15-16 years. It must be said, that thanks to my elder son I have familiarized myself with Jewish history and traditions, because he has many books on these subjects and is very keen about all that. He works in a small Sunday school, teaching history and traditions of the Jewish nation. He is inclined to humanitarian disciplines, knows the French language well. He does some translations. He's got a large collection of musical recordings, including Jewish songs in Yiddish and Hebrew. And he extensively uses these recordings at his sessions with the members of the community, which take place quite often.