Ginda Rubenstein, Boris Rubenstein's mother

My mum, Ginda Basok, was brought up in the Soviet times. I do not know, where she studied in childhood. Possibly, in her Father's house or may be in an elementary school. I know, that in 1924-1927 she studied at a rabfak. [Rabfak - school for adults]. Before marriage Mum worked in a drugstore, helping the pharmacist. After marrying my father, she was a houswife. Before WWII we lived in Nikolaev. During the war we were in evacuation in Astraknan and Perm regions(USSR). There we stayed till autumn of 1944. Life was hard, we were financially very restricted. Mum worked as a technical secretary in the village council. In autumn of 1944 Nikolaev was already liberated, and mother's niece sent us an invitation for reevacuation and we returned to the city of Nikolaev. We do not know how father died, but, of course, he did die, because from war he has not returned. After the war, when Mum and me lived in Nikolaev together, Mum worked as a simple worker in a bakery for a few years.In 1946 Mum married again. Her new husband's name was Joseph Boltyansky. We called him Lenya. He was called for the Red Army and went through the entire war. His small daughter died before the war, and his wife and mother were shot by fascists in Kirovograd. One year later my sister Sophia was born. In 1958 Mum's second husband died, and Mum with my sister Sophia moved to Estonia. Here they lived in our family. Mum did not work and helped us to keep the house. Mother spent her last years in Sophia's family and died in the age of 80.