Suzana Hacker as a pupil in Jewish school

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Photo of my Jewish school classmates in Szentes, 1941.

For my early childhood, I returned to Szentes where we were taken when the raid occurred. My brother was captured, I remained there and I finished the first, second and third grade of elementary school. 

The fact that we spoke Hungarian and Serbian parallel in our house helped ease the situation.  I spoke Hungarian and I finished the first, second and third grade of elementary school. Since these were already the war years, as a child I went to Jewish school, because we were divided. That Jewish school did not have special grades, since it was a small place there were not a lot of us children. 

The teacher, who was also a Jew, had to know who to teach and what material to ask which students about. We were all  in one room, and it was for four grades. I learned to write Hungarian and grammar and I only continued with Serbian in school after the war, when I came back from the camp. 

In that school we learned to write and read Hebrew, all connected to Jewish history and customs and naturally general history and subjects. I was there until March 1944, when all the Jews, not only in Szentes but also in other places, where taken to the ghetto.  

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Interviewee: Suzana Petrovic
Ida Labudovic
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Novi Sad, Serbia


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Novi Sad
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Kingdom of Yugoslavia
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