Document from Theresienstadt

Photo of a document which was issued in Theresienstadt. It is a release ticket from the camp.  I was taken to the ghetto from Austria, where I had been in force labor with my grandmother.  We were not there long, but we were quarantined, and I was horribly sick after the liberation.  My mother had ended up Theresienstadt and had volunteered as a nurse.  She found me there and smuggled me to her own barracks, where I got better.  

We then left Theresienstadt-- my mother, grandfather, grandmother and me, and it took three weeks to get home.  My grandfather died along the way, and the Jewish community in Galanta buried him properly.  My grandmother insisted on going home to Szentes.  She found her home that had been burned and ransacked, so she had lost absolutely everything.  She eventually left for Israel with other relatives, and died there at 86 years of age.