Dezso-Erno Hacker, Suzana Petrovic’s father, and uncles

Photo of my father Dezso-Erno Hacker, on a day of his birthday. Photo was taken in Skoplje (Macedonia), 1939.

My father was religious and the last letter that he wrote from the Russian front, he constantly mentioned God and in fact was looking for help from God. 

My father was taken, in 1942 to a work battalion, Munkasi they were called then, to the Russian front from where he wrote the last time in January 1943, at the time he wrote from near Kiev, Russia. Mother from time to time managed to send him packages and letters, however from January 1943 no letters nor information arrived and after the war she heard from one of the rare survivors that he died but it is unknown how. 

When they moved from Skoplje to Novi Sad he had a big office and again he worked distributing big turbines and machines. Right when the war broke out one of the turbines which was very valuable was at the Split port and remained there. When they took him away my mother tried as much as she was able to continue his work until April 1944 when all the Jews of Novi Sad were deported.