Elisabet Slezinger, Suzana Petrovic’s aunt

Photo of my aunt Elisabet Slezinger (nee Fried). Photo was taken in Szentes, 1921.

My mother was the eldest daughter and she had a younger sister, Elizabet, who was also married here in Yugoslavia to a man named Slezinger. They lived in Zenta. He was a wheat merchant, and she was a housewife. I have two cousins from that marriage, they both survived the war in Yugoslavia and afterwards went to Israel. 

Son Djordje was born in 1930 and Pali in 1932. They went to school in Szentes. One died three or four years ago. He was a rather successful painter and the other is still alive. He was a surveyor who lived in many places around the world but mainly in Ghana, Africa but now lives with his family in Israel. That would be my closest family. 

When there was the first Jewish emigration to Israel my aunt, uncle and two sons signed up to go and then my grandmother who at the time was in Hungary and did not want to come to us, also signed up to go. So that they all lived in Israel.