Irma Vig, Suzana Petrovic’s aunt

Photo of my aunt Irma Vig (nee Hacker). Photo was taken in Pancevo, 1920.

Aunt Irma, who was the youngest of the children except for the one that I said I have no information about who died, was first married in Bacska Topola to a doctor. From that marriage she has a son Djordje who was a dental technician and who died a few years ago in Loznica. 

Aunt Irma divorced and married again in Budapest to a rich factory owner who had a factory that made parts for motor bikes. She lived the longest. She survived the war in Budapest while the rest were all killed in camps. When my mother, grandmother and I were released from Theresienstadt, Irma took us in, cleaned us up, and nursed us back to health.

Irma was an extremely lively and colorful person, always ready with a joke and a story.  Long after the war she would come visit us in Novi Sad, but she brought her own pastry and salami, telling us only Hungarians could make such things.  She used to needle me, in a good natured way, about my being a bio-chemist.  What sort of doctor are you?  Do you heal sick people?  No? Then you’re no doctor.

She lived to be eighty some years old and never worked.  She was married four times and toward the end of her life, when she ran out of husbands, she sold off lots of her possessions.  Aunt Irma is buried in the Jewish cemetery in Budapest.