Dezso-Erno Hacker, Suzana Petrovic’s father, and uncles

Photo of my father and his brothers Bela and Samuel. Photo was taken in Pancevo, 1924.

Concerning my paternal aunts and uncles, relatives from my father's side of the family, I know something about Bela Haker who lived in Novi Sad. He was married to Melita, both were taken to Auschwitz. Unfortunately he did not return, she returned and went to Israel, she married again, had a poultry farm and died there. They did not have children.

 My other uncle Samjuel or Sam, was the youngest of my grandfather and grandmother's children. He was killed in Pancevo, at the Jewish cemetery while trying to escape and flee to Belgrade. The Germans, that is the occupiers, killed him and he is buried there.