Ilona and Dezso-Erno Hacker, Suzana Petrovic’s parents

Wedding photo of my parents taken in Szentes, 1924.

How they got to know each other was a rather interesting story. My father liked to dress well, to enjoy himself, to live well, he spent most of his part of the inheritance supporting that life style. He was supposed to go to Arad, Romania to marry a rich Jewish woman. They sent him there and he went, however as the story goes, the young woman in question had money but not looks and my father who was, as I said, a fop liked all things beautiful including women, and this woman did not suit him. In the meantime, my mother graduated from gymnasium in Szentes and wanted to study pharmacy. She went to a pharmacy to get some experience before the university. There love developed between her and the pharmacist's son. However, the pharmacist was a Hungarian and this and that sparked problems between the sides. In those times, mixed marriages were rare and the pharmacist did not want his son to marry a Jew nor did my grandfather and grandmother want my mother to marry a Hungarian. To somehow break them up they sent my mother to Arad, Romania for the summer to her aunt's,  that is grandmother's sister who lived there. Naturally the young people went out at night. My mother was very beautiful with long wavy black hair, big black eyes she was beautiful in the way a twenty year old woman should be. My father noticed her on the first night, he secretly followed her home and already the next morning a bouquet of flowers arrived which was so big it barely made it through my aunt's door. Love was born on both sides, since my father was also very handsome and funny like a characteristic man from that period. They fell in love with one another and were engaged immediately. Neither set of parents had any idea what was going on. My father returned home, and naturally instead of a rich bride he came to tell them that he was going to marry a young beautiful girl who naturally had a very small dowry but who he loved. His parents worried but in the end they had to accept this and after a few month a wedding reception was held in my mother's house in Szentes. It was a big and lovely wedding. The wedding took place in the synagogue where all the Jewish rituals were performed and directly afterwards they went to Pancevo to father's family where the next year my brother was born, that is their first child.