Document from Theresienstadt

Photo of my mother`s Identity card, issued in Theresienstadt.

It turns out that my mother and I both made it to Theresienstadt, although separately.

I came with my grandparents, as we were in force labor in Austria.  My mother was also in another force labor camp and found herself in Theresienstadt.

After the liberation, my mother was working as a nurse, but I was locked away in a quarantined barrack because I was so sick-- and disease was everywhere.  

A woman who saw me told my mother, who went searching everywhere for me until she found me.  Then she smuggled me back to her barracks, where she nursed me to health.  She even got me American penicillin.  

 It took three weeks to get home.  On the train, since my pneumonia still had not passed, my grandfather laid against the door to protect me because I was fragile. When I woke up  he was dead. This is something that very seriously influenced me. There, in Galanta where at the end of May beginning of June 1945 the Jewish community was already formed, they took grandfather off the train and buried him according to the Jewish customs.