Pavle Sosberger’s maternal gradfather, Gabor Feith

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This is my maternal gradfather Gabor Feith. This photo was taken in Budapest, in the 1920s.  My grandfather was a building contractor and was also the President of the Jewish community in Rakospalota [today part of Budapest] it was an Orthodox community. He built there a synagogue with his son Miska. This synagogue exists even today and is used as a library.

I loved very much to visit Grandfather Gabor. When I was a child he used to take me to visit his building sites. Where ever he would go I was with him. At the beginning he had taken me with his car; later on he sold it. I remember it was a big FIAT that had the transmission from outside. We would always come to the building site while his employees were having their breakfast. It was interesting to me and I always wanted to eat with them. I would sit with them and they would offer me food to eat. Later on my grandmother would fill a small traveling bag with bread, some kosher salami and cucumbers for me, and I also wanted bacon, but she didn't give me.

He was a very wealthy man; he had 37 houses a car, a coach and a horse-drawn vehicle that served for transportation of goods. His property was also a café bar which my father ran after he got married to grandfather Gabor’s dougther Paula. 

He died in hospital in Budapest in 1939 just when the war started. 

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Novi Sad, Serbia


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