The wedding of Miklos Erdos, one of Kati Andai's cousins

The wedding of my cousin, the son of my father´s eldest brother Jozsef. My cousin Miklos married a woman called Vera Liliendfeld. The newly-weds are in the back in front of the big plant. On the very right (before the waiter) is Aunt Szidi, uncle Jozsef´s wife, next to her is her husband. Left of the young wife is my mother and then my father. I am sitting on the very left of the photo. In the foreground, on this side of the table is Laci, Miklos´ brother with probably his wife and next to them Istvan, my Unlce Sandor´s son with his wife. Vera came from Denmark and was a rich woman. I don't know her nationality. She wasn't Hungarian because she spoke, though perfectly, with a German accent. Miklos didn't have to go into the forced labor service, because German and Hungarian soldiers repaired their cars in his shop, so he enjoyed immunity. And when the Russians came in, on the first day, he said, 'I haven't been out in the street for two months, I'm going to see what's going on!' He left and nobody ever saw him after that. They had a daughter Marta who is still alive.

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