Kati Andai's paternal grandmother Maria Deutsch with family

My paternal grandmother (on the left in the front), behind her stands Sandor, her son and his wife. Their daughter Rozsi is sitting in the front with her baby and her husband Ferenc Bruszt is standing on the right. The Bruszts lived in Budapest, he was the president of the Meat Production Cooperative. She didn´t work, she was a grand dame. My mother was in touch with them, they went to the swimming pool together. They were kind enough to support us, Ferenc sent us the abschnitzle (the leftovers from the lard). She was shot by the Arrow-Cross in the Maros street hospital [the Hungarian fascists raided this Jewish hospital and killed patients, doctors and nurses alike] together with her 16-year-old daughter in 1944. Her husband had committed suicide a little earlier and she went to this hospital under a false name to be safe there. Their little boy Ivan survived the war.

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