Kati Andai's parents Lajos and Margit Erdos in Meran

This is my mother and my father. She contracted tuberculosis and the doctor said that she had better go to a sanatorium in the South, so she went to Meran for about six weeks. I was 7 at the time. Father went to visit her there and she sent me sweets and a teddy bear. When my father was gone, I was with the domestic help who worked for my parents for 40 years. She started with us when I was two. She was almost a family member, this Boriska. Boris served at my parents' for at least 40 years. She came in '20 and she survived my father. My father was careful with the fact that the lower somebody was in status, the more polite he was with them. If there was a problem between Boris and me, he always took her side. Boris lived in the kitchen. She was almost a family member. She cooked, cleaned and did the shopping; and she quarreled, because she was a shrewish old maid. My father, when he employed her, reported it to the National Institute of Social Insurance, which wasn't obligatory nor in vogue at that time, so that she got a nice pension. She went back to Csepel during the war, then she came back to us.

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