The tombs of Kati Andai's paternal grandparents Ignac and Mari Deutsch

The tombstones of my paternal grandparents in Felpec. There is an anecdote in the family about my grandfather, Ignac Deutsch. He was the son of Lipot Deutsch's first wife, and when his father got married again, he didn't feel like staying at home with his stepmother. Because he was apprenticed as a butcher, (and in those days journey-workmen used to go traveling), my grandfather wandered up and down the Austro-Hungarian Empire for two years. Then he thought he would pay a visit to the parental house. He appeared all of a sudden. The second wife was cooking potatoes in the oven, and was just taking them out. The prodigal son stopped at the door, and said who he was and that he had come home to the family. The second wife became very angry. The boy was goggling at the potatoes, because he was very hungry. Thereupon she snatched out a potato of the pan, and squeezed the just-cooked potato into the stepson's hand. I don't know the consequences, but I don't think he felt like staying there. Then my grandfather settled down in Felpec. He didn't continue in the butcher's trade there, instead he had a pub. My grandfather died young. He had some land as well, and his widow raised the children in such a way that almost every one became qualified.

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