Kati Andai's parents Lajos and Margit Erdos during WWI on their honeymoon

My parents sent this photo of them from their honeymoon to father´s brother Sandor in Bosarkany. Father 'stole back' the photo once when he visited his brother.

My father graduated high-school, and I think he studied law for two years, but he got bored of it. And after that, when he was 21 years old, he got into the postal service and became a postal official. He was the deputy chief cashier in the control cash-desk of a large post office. This was a position of trust and great responsibility, because they dealt with very large amounts of money. Kalman Mikszath Jr., son of the great Kalman Mikszath [one of the most important prose-writers of 19th century Hungarian literature] was his classmate, and he got into the postal service with his patronage, which was an unbelievable thing: for a Jew to be a postal officer.

My mother was born in 1894. She attended the upper school for girls in Kassa, and she prayed fervently that she could study as well, but they [her parents] told her, 'No way, you are beautiful, you must get married.' The other two weren't ugly either, but my mother was the most beautiful. They didn't allow her to be educated. She attended the teachers' training school run by the nuns in Kassa. My mother got married to father in 1914 when she was 20 years old, and they moved to Budapest. I think the marriage was an arranged one.

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