Kati Andai's second husband Erno Andai as a child

This is my second husband, Erno, as a child. I met my second husband in the Office of the Protection of Copyright, where he worked in 1957. He was born in 1900 in Budapest. He graduated from all kind of schools, and even studied two years of theology. I was his fourth wife, but I was his first Jewish wife. He had changed his faith, but changed it back for my sake, because I didn't want to get married to a Christian. We paid the religious community tax but we didn't go to synagogue. When the circle of friends of the Jewish high-school was founded, then I contributed every month and we had many meetings. My husband is buried in the Jewish cemetery. He was hiding during the Holocaust. He slept each night in a different place. His girlfriends were always hiding him. He lived seven years in such a way that he didn't know at midday where would he sleep that night. He also graduated from the College of Dramatic Art, and he was a successful dramatist - they performed thirty of his plays in the National Theatre. But after the liberation they didn't want to take him into the Writers' Association, saying that he served the upper classes. And that was that. He refused to write anything else. Then his friends took him into the Office of the Protection of Copyright, where he worked until he got his pension. We didn't really have a social life; I had no time outside of work.

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