Kati Andai's parents Lajos and Margit Erdos in Marosvasarhely during WWI

This is a postcard my mother sent from Marosvasarhely during the war. On the picture father is sitting on the left behind the table and mother is standing next to him. Mother wrote that they had shared a flat with two other famililes and it was very uncomfortable but that they were now in a separate flat.

During the war, my father was a traveling postman. This is what they called those who came and went by train - and he settled for a long time in Marosvasarhely [today: Tirgu Mures, Romania]. And he had an official residence. There was a refreshment room, where they gathered, with a few Hungarian military officers, and they used to eat and drink there in the evenings. My mother used to cook and bake, if there were any ingredients for it. She never went to work. There was no need to. She always found something to read, and so she read. I was almost born there. In the end I was born in Kassa in '18. There was war and lack of food, so my mother went home to give birth at her parents' place.

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