Kati Andai's father Lajos Erdos in Felpec

My father on somebody´s motorbike. When he was 21 years old, he got into the postal service and became a postal official. He was the deputy chief cashier in the control cash-desk of a large post office. As a worker at the post office, he was a government official with every benefit which that entailed. He got a photo identity card, we could travel gratis by train, we could receive something like twenty parcels a year, gratis. In those times the postal service had a private health-fund with private surgery, and it had a private hospital with very good doctors. As a government official, had some other 'little' advantages such as the fact that he was creditable: we used to buy absolutely everything with easy repayments. Daddy would get his salary, pay everything, we wouldn't have a buck again, and then everything started again from the beginning. But we got everything on credit and easy repayments, because the postal job was such a good guarantee. Still, we lived simply.

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