The wedding of Julie Benveniste

My grandfather David Saporta had a huge family, he had two wives, from his first marriage he had two girls and because his wife died he married my grandmother Ester who also was a widow and had a son from her first marriage called Benveniste. So they had five children all together. This is a grandchild of my grandmother Ester, from the older Benveniste son. They came to live in Thessaloniki as life was cheaper there compared to Paris. Her name was Julie. This picture was sent to my grandmother when they got married in 1928. On the back side there is some writing in Spanish, which translates as follows: ?To my nona, I am sending you this picture so as to see me as a bride and to soon send me Sarah's one. Regards to all and I kiss your hands.? Sarah, my mother's sister, was the maiden aunt of the family.

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