Matilda Beraha with her sisters Nineta and Sarita


This is a picture of my three daughters, Matilda, the bride, is the oldest and the one one the right is Nineta, the second oldest, and Sarita, on the left, is the youngest.

After school they all decided to go abroad, the two older ones went to Israel and the youngest one, Sarah, went to Paris.

Matilda went to Haifa and Nineta went to Jerusalem; my wife was with me in Jerusalem to get Nineta settled.

Nineta also lived in England, while doing a graduate degree at the University of Leicester. Matilda did her master’s in New York, at Columbia University, and then lived there for some time, working.

Sarah went to Paris; she was always very talented in dance and so she enrolled at the Sorbonne. She still lives in Paris and has been to the USA for studies, for about five or six years, she would go to the USA during summer and take classes.

I remember when they left for Israel to study, when I had to leave my older daughter in Haifa for her to go to Maon, the student halls, which weren’t in the best condition, I thought: ‘May God help her.’

There were two students in each room and I kept on wondering how she would be studying architecture in that environment. I remember saying goodbye; it was hard.

She studied Architecture and has now her own office and is doing very well for herself.

My second daughter studied History of Art and Museumology; saying goodbye to her was easier, as I had done it before. I remember vividly Matilda’s graduation from Columbia.

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Albertos Beraha

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