The Three Graces of Kaufering - an artwork by Viktor Munk

The Three Graces of Kaufering - an artwork by my brother, Viktor Munk. My brother had always had artistic tendencies. He had always painted and drawn beautifully. But all his life he refused to put on shows, he didn't have enough self-confidence and didn't feel up to it, even despite the fact that many people tried to get him to change his mind. He always said that after all, ?he's not an artist.? His only show took place posthumously. All his life he worked as a laborer, but all the while devoted himself to art as an amateur. My brother died in 1997. We're trying to preserve his legacy, to our great joy we were able to put on a show of his pictures at the Jewish Museum in Prague in the Robert Guttman Gallery. My daughter even wrote a beautiful script for a documentary film about my brother, unfortunately we haven't been able to raise enough money to make it.

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