Jiri Munk with his brother Viktor Munk and their pet jackdaw

This photo was taken in Brandys nad Labem in 1938. I'm sitting on the right with a jackdaw on my head, and beside me is my brother Viktor Munk. We tamed the jackdaw to the degree that it wasn't the least bit afraid of us. I could for example go ten kilometers out of Brandys through the forest, and suddenly something would land on my head. It was always following us. At home it would always peck on the window with its beak, and we'd let it in. Besides that we also had a dog, who was named Rek. My earliest childhood memory is connected to our dog waking me up. In the summer, when we had the windows open, he'd always jump into the house in the morning and lick my entire head and in this way wake me up. Since then I like dogs. Ours was a German Shepherd, who was given to us by relatives from Doubravice. He was basically the same age as me, so we grew up together. He was always guarding me, and when other boys chased me while we were playing, he'd defend me.

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