Jiri Munk's relatives, the Vohryzeks, on a trip

A photo from a trip. Uncle Vilem Vohryzek, is standing in the second row in a white hat with a dark ribbon, to the left is Aunt Bedriska Vohryzkova, his wife, directly under the letter 'H'. Aunt Bedriska was my father's sister. My father also had a brother, Josef Munk, who was a Legionnaire in Russia during World War I, and after the war he and the Vohryzek family bought a farm in the Sudetenland named Doubravice.

Auntie Bedriska Munkova married Mr. Vilem Vohryzek and Uncle Josef Munk married Mr. Vohryzek's sister, Marta Vohryzkova, which caused quite an interesting family situation. The Vohryzeks had two children, Hana and Helena. The older daughter, Hana, was very beautiful. It was even said that one adjunct from the farm, where she lived with her family, shot himself because of her. The Munks had only one son, who was named Jiri Munk, like me.

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