Hana Steinova

This is my cousin Hana Steinova, nee Vohryzkova. The photo was taken in the 1920s. Hana was the older of two sisters. Her younger sister was named Helena. Hana was very beautiful. It was even said that one adjunct from the farm in Doubravice, where she lived with her family, shot himself because of her. She, like her entire family, didn't at all have a happy fate. After the Germans annexed the Sudetenland and the Vohryzeks were driven from their farm in Doubravice, the entire Vohryzek family lived with us in Brandys. Back then Hana married Hugo Stein. They were both among the first to be selected for the transports, which didn't go via Terezin, but directly to Lodz. They both died in there and were already declared dead in 1942. The remainder of the Vohryzek family, Uncle Vilem, Aunt Bedriska and their younger daughter Helena left on a transport, at first to Terezin, and then to Auschwitz, where they died in 1944.

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