Adolf Munk with his wife, sister-in-law and friends

Before I was born, my parents used to go on vacations together with my mother's sister, Elsa Nachodova, to Rujan in the north of Germany. The backdrop for this photo is a sandy beach and typical beach cabanas on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Standing at the far left in a mesh cap is Aunt Elsa, in the foreground between the cabanas is my father, Adolf Munk, and in the right hutch, smiling, is my mother, Olga Munkova, nee Nachodova. Sitting in the left cabana is a married couple we don't know, probably friends or acquaintances of my parents'. My father was a lawyer. Though it's not usual, people liked him very much, because he helped the poor and never cheated anyone. He liked peace and quiet and nature. His biggest hobby was painting. My mother was the complete opposite. I don't think that she and my father were suited to each other very much, because my mother didn't like small-town life, she yearned to be among people and tried to escape from Brandys. Often she'd leave Brandys for Prague and go to a coffee shop there. My mother was a housewife.

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