The marriage of Paula Lustigova

This is Paula Lustigova's wedding photo from the 1930s. The Lustig's were distant relatives of ours. Sitting beside the bride, who is wearing a light-colored dress with a wavy mikado haircut, is the groom, Mr. Stadler. Sitting beside the bride, on the left, are her parents, the Lustigs. I always liked how the bride's mother looked, because she wore teased and powdered hairdos. She was this fairytale grandmother. Directly above her you can see our mother, Olga Munkova, nee Nachodova, and behind her our father, Adolf Munk. To the right of our mother is another of the Lustig's daughters, and above the groom the third daughter, Mr. Pavelka's wife. Uncle Pavelka is standing behind her on the right. Sitting in the first row on the left is my brother, Viktor Munk, between fair-haired Emina, the Pavelkas' daughter, who now lives in Canada. She's about a year older than I. Beside her on the right is my sister Helena Kovanicova, nee Munkova. At the far left and far right in the photo are two very similar men with mustaches, the Lustig brothers, who had the Alubra liqueur factory in Brandys.

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