Olga Munkova

This is a picture of my mother, Olga Munkova, nee Nachodova. It was taken in the 1940s by Rudolf Kovanic. My mother lived through the toughest part of the wartime period with me in Terezin. In Terezin she worked with mica for the German military industry, and that most likely saved her life. Because Father didn't return, our mother was left alone with us after the war. She was completely lost, because without Father she didn't know how to deal with anything. She sold our house for a bad price, and on top of that then lost all the money she had put away because of the currency reform. After the war I was the poorest child in school, at home we didn't even have anything to wear. Luckily our relatives the Pavelkas took us in, and we then lived with them in Prague's Old Town. When my sister married Mr. Kovanic after the war, she and her husband moved our mother into their apartment in Vrsovice. She lived there with them up to her death in 1982, later only with my sister, because she outlived her husband.

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