Helena Kovanicova

This is my sister, Helena Kovanicova, nee Munkova, when she was about 21. The photo was taken by Rudolf Kovanic in the 1950s. My sister is eight years older than I, she was born in 1924. When the war began, my sister was 15. I think that the wartime period and then also imprisonment affected her the most of us children, in the sense that she was in that most beautiful part of a girl's life, and really, she lost several years of her life. My sister was in Terezin with us, where she also met and married Rudolf Kovanic. After the war they had another wedding, because the one in Terezin was invalid. Right near the end of the war my sister was deported from Terezin to Switzerland on a transport, which apparently was in exchange for German prisoners of war. After the war we didn't have any news of her. When she returned, she lived in Prague with her husband, and later they also moved our mother in with them. My sister now lives in an apartment in Vrsovice, in Prague 10.

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