Limud in the Sarajevo Jewish Community in memory of Hana Gasic's father, Menahem Montiljo

Members of the Sarajevo Jewish community gathered in the community building for a limud (learning) session in honor of my father, Menahem Montiljo. The picture was taken on May 25, 1981, thirty days after his death. During this session members of the community studied a Jewish text, made speeches about my father and had a small meal. These meal consisted of hamanadus, Spanish hard boiled eggs. The limud was organized for those members of the community who wanted one. My mother knew that my father would have wanted one so we organzied it. I was not there for this occasion because I live in Belgrade and could not get back to Sarajevo again. Since I could not be there, we went to the synagogue in Belgrade, where Rabbi Levi said a prayer for my father during the service.

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