Hana Gasic's mother Flora Montiljo and two of her sisters, Ela Gjebic and Rivka and their children

My mother, Flora Kohen, is pictured with two of her sisters and some of their children. My mother is standing in the back in a white dress. My aunt Ela is seated in the centre with her child Zorica on her lap. My other aunt, Rivka, is on the right with Ela's son. I don't know the other two children.

Like Ela, Rivka was saved during the war because she married a non-Jew and converted. Rivka married a Jew before the war, and had a daughter, Rahela. But her husband died, and she got married again before the war, this time to a Muslim man named Karahasanovic. They had two children, Zlata and Ahmed. Mr. Karahasanovic died while cleaning his rifle during the war, and Ahmed, born in 1943, never saw his father.

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