Hana Gasic's cousin on the mother's side Rahela and her husband Sumbul Katan's wedding picture

This is Rahela and Sumbul Katan's wedding picture. The date on the back of the picture is October 21, 1945. Rahela is my aunt Rivka's daughter from her first marriage. Rivka married a Jew before the war but her husband died and she married again before the war, this time a Muslim man named Karahasanovic and they had two children, Zlata and Ahmed. Her husband died while cleaning his rifle during the war and Ahmed, born in 1943, never saw his father. Rahela's husband Sumbul drowned in a swimming accident in the river. Rahela had three children, Mirijam, Erna and Isidor, and the whole family lives in Israel. I am madrina, Ladino for godmother, for her daughter Mirijam.

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