Hana Gasic's uncle Leon Montiljo's daughter, Hani, in traditional costume

This little girl is one of my father's brother Leon's daughters from his first marriage. Leon had a wife and two children before the war but all three were killed in the Djakovo concentration camp in 1941. After the war Uncle Leon married again, this time to a woman named Erna Levi. They had two children, a son, Moric, born in 1946, and a daughter, Hanika, born in 1948. He named his daughter from his second marriage after one of his dead daughters. Uncle Leon made aliya (emigrated to Israel) right after the war and took my grandmother Hana with him. Both of his children still live in Israel. In Israel he worked in a clothing factory, and lived first in Lod and later in Jaffa. Based on the note on the back of this picture, I believe the photo was sent to my cousin Moric's parents, Rena and David Montiljo. The little girl's picture was taken to mark her seventh birthday and was sent to her 'madrina,' godmother in Ladino, Rena. The note was written in the little girl's name but I know that it is my Uncle Leon's handwriting. The photo is dated July 17, 1928.

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