Hana Gasic's cousins Levi and Djoja Eskenazi

This picture was taken on May 10, 1929 in Derventa, Bosnia. My father's sister Erna's children, Levi and Djoja Eskenazi, are pictured. Levi Eskenazi was born in 1923 in Derventa and now lives in Israel. His sister, Djoja, was born in 1925 and killed in the Jasenovac concentration camp in 1941. Erna Eskenazi (nee Montiljo) was born in 1902 in Sarajevo and moved with her husband Santo Eskenazi (born in 1900) to Derventa, Bosnia. They were both killed in Jasenovac in 1941.

Levi Eskenazi was a Chetnik (Serbian royalist fighter) during the war and to this day still , according to the stories, believes in the idea of the fatherland of Yugoslavia and the return of the royalty. He was imprisoned in Pozorevac, Yugoslavia during the war. When the war was over he had to have a guarantor who would ensure that once he was let out of prison he would proceed directly to the boat in Rjieka for Israel. That is how he came to leave for Israel in 1949. Today he is a pensioner on Moshav Gidron in Israel.

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