Asaf Auerbach with his sons Ivan and Pavel

This is me and my two sons at our cottage in Maxov in the Jizerske Mountains. The photo was taken in 1962 Our first son, Ivan, was born on 13th October 1950. Our second son, Pavel, was born on 13th December 1956. What did they like, what here they like? There were relatively few problems with them, they liked their friends, they're sports-minded after their mother and my father-in-law, they rode bikes, skied, tried tennis, then left it and so on. While they still wanted, we went on vacations together, then when they were older they began to refuse, especially the younger one, our older son put up with it longer. There was a relatively wide choice of company cottages, so we made use of it, then later we bought a cottage in Northern Bohemia, in the Jizerske Mountains. We shared it with Aunt Olinka's family, in the summer we'd always be there for one month and they for one, we combined it somehow so that there wouldn't be problems with it. We spent part of our vacations here.