Pavel Potocky at his first wedding

This is a photograph from the first wedding of my brother Ruben Auerbach, actually at that time already Pavel Potocky. My brother was married twice. His first wife lived perhaps in Pardubice or something, she would come to see him for the weekend, then once didn't come and then they got divorced. The Dash family also came to my brother's wedding. The Dashes were our adoptive parents in England, their children Lizinka and Hugo also lived with us in that house in Stoke-on-Trent. The Dashes were the first people to take care of us. Mr. Dash was a children's doctor, in England he had to take some requalification courses, when he was finished with it he could take care of his family himself, and so they moved out of the house. In the photograph Mrs. Dash is the woman standing to the left of my brother. Her husband is hiding behind her, and Hugo, their son, is standing to the left of her. Lizinka is that young lady standing in the same row as my brother, second from the left. Both Hugo and Lizinka were dentists. Now they're of course retired. Hugo still lives in Stoke-on-Trent, Lizinka now apparently actually in Portugal. In the photograph you can also see Aunt Oli with her husband, they're the couple on the farthest left, and my wife and I are on the contrary the couple on the furthest right.