Asaf Auerbach's wedding picture

My wedding picture, taken in Prague in 1950. I met my future wife, Miroslava Vancatova, in the last year of high school. She had transferred from somewhere into our class. She was pretty, she was smart, she was kind. I was very shy, so it was she who took the first step, and invited me out to the theater. I realized that she was probably interested in me, the next time I invited her out, and that's how it started. A year before the end of university, in April of 1950, we were married, as I had made Miroslava pregnant. My wife was from Kosire, a Prague neighborhood, she wasn't of Jewish origin. The ceremony took place at the Kosire town offices, at most ten people took part and the wedding feast was held at my wife's parents', my mother-in-law did the cooking. We didn't go anywhere on our honeymoon, back then that wasn't the custom. Where would we have found the money for it? Due to our poor financial situation we couldn't even afford to live somewhere on our own in an apartment, we lived at my wife's parents' place in this little two-room apartment. My witness was Aunt Oli, that's the woman in the light-colored coat on my wife's left. And that little lady in the black coat on Aunt Oli's left is my grandmother. In the photo you can also see my brother Ruben, the second visible figure from the right. And that little girl in front, wearing a kerchief, isn't a little girl. It's my wife's cousin, who at that time had something wrong with his ears, so he had to have them bandaged up.