Jindrich Fantl

Jindrich Fantl

This is my grandfather, Jindrich Fantl. The photo was taken in the Atelier Benda in Prague in the 1920s.

My grandfather was born on 3rd March 1867 in Chlebnik, Southern Bohemia. He moved to Prague, where he met my grandmother, and in Smichov opened a men's wear store, which they both ran.

When my grandfather died in Prague in May 1940, this obituary was published in the paper:

For Jindrich Fantl
On the 23rd day of this month, Mr. Jindrich Fantl, whose name was for many decades bound to the history of the former religious community, funerary brotherhood and finally God's Tent in Smichov, was laid to rest to eternal sleep at Malvazinky accompanied by extraordinary participation. Only the best can be said of Jindrich Fantl. He began every day with a visit to the Temple. He wasn't only fulfilled by hard work for his family. With his always kind words he diminished the suffering of his fellow men everywhere he went, and never forgot the material needs of the afflicted. And for those that were suffering, without difference, he with his own hands made his bed of final repose, and accompanied them to the places of eternal rest, which again through his merit resemble the most beautiful gardens. The evening visit to the temple did not, however, end his workday. It wasn't until evening that he laid a hand to intended works for the good of all. The words of the psalmist applied to the modest, honest, genuine, always kind and just Jindrich Fantl: 'The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree. He will grow like a cedar in Lebanon. They are planted in the Lord's house. They will flourish in our God's courts. They will still bring forth fruit in old age. They will be full of sap and green, to show that the Lord is upright, he is my rock.'

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