Asaf Auerbach after the war

When I graduated in 1947, we had to go do brigade work all summer vacation so that they'd accept us into university. It may be true that some of my classmates didn't go and they accepted them anyways...but I participated faithfully. We gathered hay and things like that, whatever was possible, in the summer... Here I was photographed by a friend, an enthusiastic photographer, on the return trip at the train station. While I was in high school I lived with Aunt Oli for two years. By the way, I met my future wife in high school. After graduation I entered the Special Subjects University, which was one of the schools belonging to CVUT. It was probably named Special Subjects because it had all sorts of various fields that they most likely didn't know where else to put them. Besides surveyors and astronomers there was also statistics, which I studied. Why did I choose this school? It's true that I would have rather studied Electrical, but they required descriptive geometry everywhere, which I hated from the bottom of my heart, I didn't have enough visual imagination. So I looked for a university that didn't have descriptive geometry, and among others I found this one.