Marketa Auerboachova with her son Asaf at a fair

When we lived in Dejvice, in Baba, there was a St. Matthew's Fair held a little ways away. There was this large, empty space there. And a little ways away was our school. For sure we used to go to the fair during the time we lived there. If later as well, that I don't know, it's possible that I wanted to go there as I was already used to it. This is probably from when I was around seven years old, I'm going somewhere with my mother, in my hand I've got a bag of marbles or chestnuts. The St. Matthew's Fair, that meant lollipops, cotton candy, Turkish delight and similar candy were everywhere. There were lots of merry-go-rounds there, but it wasn't that technology of today, mainly there were more all sorts of pseudo-circuses, houses of horror, mermaids, and such things. I think our entire family used to go there.