Ida Druckerova in later years with her daughter and her family

This is my Aunt Ida, my cousin Edita with her husband and their two sons. About Walter, my cousin's husband, we say that he looks like Kissinger. He's also a Jew, originally from Austria, during the war he was in England and then he moved to Australia. My aunt and cousin immigrated to Australia shortly after the war, when it was still legal. Edita went first, probably conditions here seemed to her to be too strict, and thought that she'll find her fortune there. I don't know why she picked Australia; maybe because back then there were still relatively few people living there, and there was a shortage of women there...I don't know. In any case she found her husband there. Apparently once in Terezin someone told her fortune, that she'll find her man on a ship. She didn't meet anyone the whole trip from Marseille, and only after did she run into him while walking around on a ferry. My aunt also moved, to be with Edita, but I guess she never got used to it there. She often wrote us, about once every 14 days. She worked in some café, she wrote that she makes tea. She died in 1987 or 1988.