Marketa Auerbachova at her sister Olga's wedding

This is a photo that was taken at my Aunt Olinka's wedding in the 1930s. But Aunt Olinka [Olga] isn't in it, on the left is Aunt Mirjam, on the right my mother, and in the middle, I'd say it's Aunt Ida, but she claims that it's not her. Aunt Oli was marrying a non-Jew, which is why she didn't have a Jewish wedding and the ceremony took place at the Old Town Hall in Prague. I heard that due to this my very devoutly religious grandfather tore his clothes as a sign of mourning. I don't know how much truth there is in this; he continued to have a very nice relationship with his daughter. Aunt Oli's husband was named Oskar Dworzak, and he was a German. At first, when the war came, he saved Aunt Oli, she wasn't deported to Terezin until near the end of the war, and she saved him because he didn't have to join the Wehrmacht and died somewhere by Stalingrad, and after the war his marriage to a Czech Jewess helped him one more time - he wasn't displaced.