Gay Alon Aroyo

Gay Alon Aroyo
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This is a photo of a grandson of my brother Lazar Aroyo. His name is Gay Alon and he is the son of Gidon Aroyo. On this photo Gay Alon is five years old. It was taken in 1974 in the Ma?abarot kibbutz. There was a kindergarten and an elementary school in the kibbutz. On the photo Gay Alon is in the kindergarten.

I know that this boy has married recently and is still living in the kibbutz. There is a tradition in that kibbutz that every young man who becomes eighteen years old must go on an excursion to Europe. The people from the kibbutz arrange for a passport to be issued to the boy and he visits the Western European countries. That is why many young people left Israel because they were attracted to life in Europe. For example, I have many nephews in London.

I remember that I saw Gay for the first time when he was about the age on the photo when I visited my brother in Israel. The child spoke in a very patriotic way and would ask me what I was doing in Israel. I would explain to him that I had come to see the country and my brother.

The son of my brother Lazar - Gidon Aroyo works in the Ma?abarot kibbutz. Like his father he works in the service station of the kibbutz. I suppose that his son helps him in the work. Gidon's wiife's name is the same as that of his sister - Oro.

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Gay Alon Aroyo
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