The wedding of Oro Aroyo

This is a photo of the wedding of Dan and Oro, who is the daughter of my brother Lazar Aroyo. I don?t remember Dan's family name, because he is a German Jew and the name was of German nature. The photo was taken in 1962 in the Ma?abarot kibbutz. First from right to left is Gidon Aroyo, the son of my brother Lazar. Next to him are the newly-weds and my brother Lazar. The ceremony is performed by a rabbi and Gidon is holding the 'talamu' - the blanket, which is part of the ritual.

Dan lived with his parents in Hibera, which is located near the Ma?abarot kibbutz. His family had orange plantations. When he was a child, he was sent to the school in the Ma?abarot kibbutz and studied Ivrit there. He sat next to Oro and since then they have been inseparable.

They have three daughters. One of them studied in the Jerusalem University, the other, whose name is Niama, was in a kibbutz for vegetarians, and the third lived in the kibbutz with her parents. They have Israeli names and I don?t remember them well.

The wife of my brother Mois, Matilda, can be seen between the bride and the groom. Mois and Matilda lived in Haifa and were invited to the wedding. My brother Marco and his family must have also been at the wedding. In the background of the photo between the newly-weds is Jana, the daughter of my brother Mois. The wife of my brother Mois was born in Rousse. Jana is their only daughter. She graduated from the French College in Rousse, married there and has two children - Herman and Mois, who have a small passemanterie factory in Haifa.