Bina Dekalo, her son Rami Dekalo and granddaughter Sabina Dekalo

This is a photo of me, my son Rami Dekalo and my granddaughter Sabina Dekalo. The photo was taken in 1995 in a restaurant in the center of Sofia. At that time my granddaughter Sabina was a student in the Music Conservatory in Sofia. She played the piano and the guitar. She left for Israel after she got her bachelor's degree and became a music teacher in Ashkelon. My son moved to Israel in 1990. He studied the language in the town of Akko for six months. Then he started work in the village of my brother Lazar near Akko. He started work in a chemical laboratory in Beer Sheva. There are Jews all over the world living in that town. My son, however, didn't manage to become close with them, because they had a different lifestyle. He has a girlfriend, a Bulgarian Jew born in Sliven who has been living in Israel for a long time.