Bina Dekalo with her husband Mois Dekalo

This is a photo of me and my husband Mois Dekalo. It was taken on 24th May 1969 in Sofia. My husband and I are taking a walk in the center of Sofia on Narodno Sabranie Sq. Behind us is the monument of the Russian tsar who liberated the Bulgarians from Turkish rule. At that time my husband was still working in the Ministry of Internal Trade and I was starting work in the Zemlyane State Construction Plant. My husband didn't think that his job suited him, because he was much more interested in literature and art. After 9th September 1944 [the day the communists officially took power in Bulgaria] I was very happy. Firstly, the Law for the Protection of the Nation was abolished. We became citizens with equal rights of the so-called People's Republic of Bulgaria. Party groups and district organizations were formed. I joined the party organization in my living estate - at that time I lived on Veslets Str, which is in the center of Sofia. I was wholly devoted to my work in the Lenin district committee of the Communist Party. The main task of the district committees of the communist party was to strengthen the new model of government, which was expressed in the dominance of the Communist Party. My work was a social one. We organized lectures in Marxism and Leninism; we introduced people to the statute of the Bolshevik Party in Russia. They liked me and wanted to transfer me to the city committee of the party. But there was not enough staff in my district committee so I stayed there. During the communist rule I visited the best holiday resorts. Together with my husband and my son I loved spending our holidays at the seaside, mostly in August. There were a lot of organized excursions by the district committee of the party. We visited historic and natural sights throughout the whole country - monasteries, resorts, towns.